Here, at Eco Farm Warsaw, we offer a variety of fresh and eco-friendly fruits and vegetables to come up to any taste, budget and special preferences. We care about what we grow and we are ready to provide you with high quality products only! Have a look at out major services and offers now!

We always take care of our clients, offering high quality fruit and vegetables. They are carefully grown, picked up and divided into several weekly food boxes for your convenience and comfort. Each fruit and vegetable included into the box is carefully selected to be fresh and tasty. All our weekly food boxes contain seasonal fruits and vegetables and we always take into consideration your special preferences, taste and budget you are ready to invest into your weekly purchase. 

Let's proceed to the content of our weekly food boxes now. As mentioned above, they contain seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as basic foods that are available in any season. You can separately order vegetable and fruit boxes or those that contain a mixture of products we grow. If you live in Warsaw or in the surrounding locations, we offer delivery services for your exceptional comfort. You can also pick the boxes up yourself, if you have such a desire. 

The boxes are available in several variants. Whether you order a fruit, a vegetable or a mixed food box, you can choose between small, mid-sized and large boxes. There are also juicing boxes and even smoothie boxes containing special fruits and vegetables for cooking healthy organic drinks. Welcome to place your first order now!



Do you dream of starting your own vegetable garden from scratch, but don’t know what to begin with? We realize how important it is for a newbie to make the right choice of seeds and plants that could potentially give the desired rich harvest. For these very cases, we offer starter veggie patches that contain everything you need to get your own vegetable garden.

Just have a look at the products we offer to make the choice you are interested in. It's up to you to decide what veggie patch exactly you need - we have several variants to meet your special needs! They come with detailed cultivation instructions that will make it possible for you to find out how to take care of your garden properly! Good luck!


Here, at Eco Farm Warsaw, we offer a rich assortment of plants and vegetables for sale. You can choose between dozens of products, including flowers, wheat, beans, garlic, pepper, cereals, beetroots, several grass types, potatoes, carrots, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage and other products you may be interested in.

We carefully select each product for you as we care about our reputation as well as about your satisfaction rate. We believe that health is the most important value a person has in life and we try our best effort to provide you with eco-friendly, safe and organic products only. Welcome to Eco Farm Warsaw!

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